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Lighting Navigation & Internal Cabin

Navigation Lights, Internal Cabin Lights

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Navigation Lights

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Nasa Supernova LED Anchor Light 360 degree, all-round white, light uses high efficiency LEDs. 200mA at 12v 91mm x 133mm high IP65 and IP67

Size: 91mm diameter x 113 mm Height (including mounting)

Manual and fitting instructions

NASA Anchour light
£59.00 inc

Nasa Super combi Tri and Anchor LED light. Simple two wire operation. 200mA at 12v 91mm x 133mm high IP65 and IP67

Manual and fitting instructions

Nasa Super Combi Light
£129.00 inc
Hellamarine 3562 navigation lights  Size 75x61x53mm 12v 10W bulb black housing

Green Starboard £19.00 inc

Red Port £19.00 inc
Anchor white 360 £25.00 inc
Masthead white 225 £19.00 inc
Hella Marine 2984 Navigation lights approved to BSH Size 108x105x90mm 12 or 24v state with order, black housings

Green Starboard £45.00 inc

Red Port £45.00 inc
Anchor white  £45.00 inc
Masthead white  £45.00 inc

Internal Cabin Lights

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LABCRAFT - 12V/8W or 12V/16w also 24Volt available. The Linear is the very latest in T5 fluorescent lights, designed to enhance a variety of interiors. Using a high efficiency inverter, the Linear produces very high levels of light for the power consumed. This is a great advantage when a mains transformed supply is not available. The shade has been designed for functionality and appearance. The internal ribbed pattern gives a modern look while helping to diffuse light and reduce glare. The switch is sunken into the lens to minimize height and enhance the shade design. 381mm x 24mm.

12v 16w  £29.00
24v 8w  £35.00
24v 16w  £39.00

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