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Security & Safety, Gas Alarms

Security Equipment, Gas alarms and Safety Equipment, MOB Systems

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Gas Alarms and Exhaust alarm

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Nasa Gas Alarm Consisting of a cabin mounted monitor and a remote sensor, the Nasa gas detector system warns if the level of LPG rises above 10% of the lowest explosive limit (LEL) giving adequate warning of the need to ventilate the area before a dangerous situation occurs.
The monitor gives both a visual and audible warning and will also warn of fault conditions such as damaged cables etc.
The splash proof sensor is supplied with a 5m cable and has a test button to check the system right through to the gas sense

Gas Alarm Manual

Nasa Gas Alarm

£79.00 inc

Nasa Gas alarm spare sensor

Nasa Gas Sensor

£13.00 inc

BEP Marine FD-2 fume detector. The FD-2 Gas Detector is designed for an economic in-dash installation.  Features include clearly visible LED's for safe and alarm mode, audible alarm with test function and output for external audio alarm. Supplied with semsor (5 metre cable) which is capable of detecting combustible gases.

£149.00 inc

The EX-1 measures the exhaust gas temperature directly and displays it in degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. Once the normal working temperature has been established a maximum temperature, a few degrees higher, can be programmed into the EX-1 which will then sound an alarm if that temperature is exceeded.Even a small rise in temperature can indicate a potential problem such as a minor blockage, leak or failing pump which can be corrected before a complete failure occurs.

Technical Specifications

  • Compact size 125 x 62 x 23mm with high contrast LCD
  • Supply current less than 1.5mA
  • Supply Voltage 8 to 15 volts DC.
  • Supplied with sensor and 5 metre cable
  • Temperature range -35 to +170 degrees Centigrade.
  • Threshold range -35 to +170 degrees Centigrade.( -31 to +338 degrees Fahrenheit.)

EX1 Manual

Nasa Exhaust Alarm

£99.00 inc

MOB systems

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Raymarine Life Tag wireless MOB crew MOB system with  2  pendants. E12185


£399.00 inc

Sold out

Raymarine Life Tag wireless MOB crew MOB system additional pendants. E15026


£69.00 inc

Sold out

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