• JGTech Hypro PR+1512RU  1.5 Ltr/min 12v pump with reservoir and clutch

PR+ RU Reversing DC Hydraulic Power Unit with reservoir and clutch

Full 2 year warranty Hypro Hydraulic 12v PR+1512RU pump.  Suitable for most autopilots Simrad, Navman, Raymarine, Cetrek etc.. 

PR+ RU Reversing DC Hydraulic Power Unit with reservoir and clutch

Reversing type gear pumps driven by 12 or 24 volt DC permanent magnet motors. Incorporated in the design are pilot operated check valves that prevent the pump being back driven by the manual steering system or rudder load. The motors have an IP67 rating and can be removed from the pump without allowing air into the hydraulic system or fluid to escape. They can be used with both balanced and unbalancedcylinders. The pumps incorporate a fluid reservoir plus an unloading solenoid to allow the steering cylinder to ‘float’ when not in autopilot mode. 

When used in conjunction with a cylinder of your choice it forms a linear actuator to enable secondary steering via an autopilot.

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 Backed with over 30 years of continuous development the new PR+ range of reversing pumps presents the ultimate in quiet and smooth operation. Unlike noisy piston pump designs the precision gear form delivers smooth flow in all conditions and with minimal noise. Now with IP67 motors that have a 4000 hour brush life these latest generation of Hydraulic Projects power units are the best available.

The PR+ pumps are available in 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 litre per minute flows. Pilot check valves are fitted as standard, they can be used with both balanced and unbalanced cylinders. They have an advanced protective coating designed especially for the salt laden atmosphere of the marine environment.

Voltage 12 / 24 VDC 
                                                       Typical amp-hour                   Max current 
                                                       5 bar at 25% duty                   Intermittent 55 bar 

                    Nominal L/min              12v        24v                        12v          24v                                               

PR+06                0.6                             0.9         -                             9.0           - 

PR+08                0.8                             1.3         -                            14.0           -

PR+10                1.0                             2.2        1.0                         19.0        9.0

PR+15                1.5                             2.4        1.2                         24.0      11.0 

PR+20                2.0                             2.5        1.3                         25.0      12.0 

PR+25                2.5                             2.7        1.4                         34.0       15.5 

Ingress Protection:                                    IP67 
EMC Protection:                                        BS EN 60945:2002 (DC) 
Ignition protection:                                   BS EN 28846:1993
                                                                     EN ISO 10592:1995 (Small Craft - Hydraulic Steering Systems)

Ambient operating Temperature:         -15 to +55 deg C 
Max Pressure:                                            55 bar (intermittent operation) 
Reservoir line:                                            2 bar Max 
Ports:                                                           G1/4 (BSPP) Parallel 
                                                                     A = ram port 
                                                                     B = ram port 
                                                                     R = reservoir port                 
Rotation:                                                     Red lead to - positive Pressure to A port 
                                                                     Black lead to positive - Pressure to B port 
Hoses:                                                         Suitable for working pressure 55 bar. 
Minimum burst pressure:                       100 bar. 
Fluid:                                                           ISO VG10 to VG40 Hydraulic mineral fluid meeting ISO 6743-4 HV

Autopilot Reversing Drive Selection

A basic guide to aid selection of a PR+ reversing pump for your vessel. Always refer to the autopilot manufacturers documentation to ensure that the chosen pump is compatible.

Autopilot Selection Guide

Installation Manual

Declaration of Conformity

JGTech Hypro PR+1512RU 1.5 Ltr/min 12v pump with reservoir and clutch

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