QK-A034B NMEA 0183 & SeaTalk Multiplexer with NMEA 2000/0183/USB/WIFI Outputs



The QK-A034 converter connects NMEA 0183 and Raymarine SeaTalk1 sensors and equipment to a NMEA 2000 chart plotter.

The internal NMEA 0183 multiplexer combines data from three NMEA 0183 inputs with SeaTalk data input.

It outputs the combined messages to WiFi, USB and a NMEA 2000 output port.


The A034 can be used out of the box for standard functionality or configured for additional sophistication.


The QK-A034 gives you:

  • Combined data from 3 x NMEA 0813 and SeaTalk1.
  • Convenient viewing of your combined marine data over WiFi on your mobile phones, tablet and laptop and to your NMEA 2000 chart plotter
  • Filtering options.

The internal SeaTalk converter allows the A034 to listen on the SeaTalk bus and convert SeaTalk data to NMEA messages.


Typical System Configuration


Without Configuration: The multiplexer converts and combines data received on the listener ports and sends this data to NMEA 2000, WiFi and USB simultaneously.

Default Baud rates: NMEA input 1 and 2: 4800bps   and NMEA input 3: 38400bps


With Configuration:

Filtering options: Each input has a flexible filter that can be configured to pass or block specific sentences. This frees up bandwidth, significantly reducing the possibility of data overflow and loss of data.

WiFi: Up to 4 devices can connect directly to the A034 with no need for an access point. Through Configuration, the A034 can be connected to a wireless access point, allowing for additional users and further range.


WiFi Connection

The WiFi module is set for direct Ad-hoc WiFi connection as default, with no need for a router. The SSID and password can be changed through QK-A034 configuration software, increasing security and memorability. Up to 4 wireless devices can connect directly to the A034 in Ad-hoc mode.

QK-A034 can also be connected via Station mode using the Configuration software. This allows for greater range and remote access, as well as additional multi-device access.

The WiFi can also be disabled and be placed on Standby mode if desired.



  • Multiplexes up to three NMEA 0183 input devices with one SeaTalk input
  • Galvanically isolated NMEA and SeaTalk input ports. (also called opto-isolation. Galvanically isolation prevents unwanted currents between devices, preventing equipment damage and interference with radio signals)
  • Multiple outputs: WiFi, USB and NMEA 2000
  • SeaTalk to NMEA converter (converts common SeaTalk1 data types to 0183 sentences)
  • NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 converter (converts common sentences to PGNs)
  • WiFi: Ad-hoc mode allows up to 4 devices to connect to the internal WiFi module simultaneously
  • WiFi: Station mode allows for the connection of the A034 to your router/ access point for greater number of wireless users and WiFi range.
  • WiFi: Standby option
  • WiFi and USB output of combined data in NMEA 0183 sentence format
  • WiFi and USB additionally output NMEA 2000 network PGNs (in both 0183 sentence and PCDIN format)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Compatible with Android and iOS via WiFi, excluding Configuration. (Configuration must be completed using Windows software.)
  • Filtering allows for overflow reduction and additional configuration.


More technical info

  • Configurable NMEA 0183 baud rates (4800, 9600, 38400bps)
  • Compatible with NMEA 2000 Chart plotters, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux systems (Full functionality, though configuration is through a Windows application)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS (All functionality excluding USB connection and Configuration)
  • Connectable to older RS232 products through optional Protocol Bridge (AS03). For more information, read below


FAQ – How to connect NMEA0183 RS422 to older RS232 devices.

This product uses the NMEA 0183-RS422 protocol (differential signal), however some older chart plotters or instruments may use the older NMEA-RS232 protocol (Single-ended signal).

To ensure A034 compatibility with any older NMEA0183 device, check if your device uses NMEA0183 RS422 or RS232

  • NMEA0183 RS422 devices’ wiring is compatible ‘out of the box’
  • NMEA0183 RS232 will require to connect your wiring via a  bridge.

Quark-Elec QK-A034-B NMEA 0183 & SeaTalk Multiplexer with NMEA 2000/0183/USB/WIFI Outputs

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