B&G Vulcan 9 FS: 9' Multifunction display with 3G Radar bundle.

Product Description

The B&G Vulcan9 FS Display is a powerful all-in-one Chart plotter and depth sounder for mid sized sail boats. Vulcan9 FS incorporates B&G’s forward looking collision avoidance sonar technology for safe passage making in areas where chart accuracy is uncertain. Vulcan9 includes B&G 3G and 4G Radar support giving the user ultimate situational awareness for passage making at night and in poor weather. Vulcan9 will also connect to B&G sailing instruments and autopilot systems for a fully integrated electronics package. No physical buttons and low profile mounting options makes Vulcan9 one of the cleanest and most integrated looking navigation device for aftermarket installs. Combine this with an extensive set of advanced sailing software features inherited from it’s bigger brother, the Zeus2, and the Vulcan 9 is the go-to standalone navigation display for the aspiring sailor.

Key Features

  • Easy to use multi-touch user interface
  • Glass dash styling
  • Super bright widescreen display
  • Radar integration
  • Built in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built in 10 Hz, high sensitivity GPS antenna
  • Dual Micro SD card slots
  • Built in echosounder (Broadband & Chirp)
  • Built in ForwardScan sonar
  • Operates with ZC1 and ZC2 Remote controller
  • Advanced NMEA2000 networking
  • BEP C-Zone Integration
  • Fusion Link and sonicHub2 Audio Support
  • NMEA Data Logging
  • GRIB Weather support
  • H5000 system integration
  • SailSteer, Laylines with Sailing Time, WindPlot
  • Adjustable page split ratios and panel layouts
  • Best in Class Cartography support

Integration & Supported Functionality

NMEA 2000:

Connect to GPS antennas, temperatureprobes, fuel management sensors, SonicHub audio server, Engine data, and much more…

Industry standard micro SD:

Allows for your choice of chart provider to be installed and logging sonar data for Insight Genesis.


Built-in GoFree functionality via internal wireless connectivity. Access to Navico Insight Store for transferring chart and sonar data. Sailing Specific Instruments: Interface with NMEA 2000 sailing enhancing devices like wind speed sensors and compasses.

Insight Genesis:

Upload your sonar logs to Insight Genesisdirectly from your device with internalWi-Fi connected to a internet hot-spot.

Internal 10Hz GPS

10 times per second position update rate, for faster mapping updates, accurate charting positions and more accurate speed over ground measuring

Touch Lock B&G Vulcan 7 features a touch lock option, this enables the user to temporarily disable the touch screen. This feature is particularly useful to prevent touch operation by unauthorised users or to block unintentional touches by clothing and other objects. The touchscreen lock feature can be accessed from the system control menu by either:

  • Pressing the power button
  • Pressing the power key on a ZC1 or ZC2 remote
  • Dragging the status bar down from the top of the page

B&G Broadband 3G™ Radar

B&G Broadband Radar a.k.a. Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar is nothing new... but, it was when we first launched the technology in 2009! Understanding the shift in radar requirements, we have developed superior short-range target detection and unrivalled target separation. Armed with this new technology boaters received a previously unseen level of situational awareness to improve safe navigation in any visibility. However, despite conventional pulse radar being no match for Broadband Radar in its short-range capacity, it still offered more range... until now that is!

Broadband 3G Radar will undoubtedly mark the beginning of the end of conventional pulse radars on recreational craft as the new 3G boasts a massive 30% increase in range over the original BR24 whilst retaining its impressive short-range credentials. Utilizing solid-state technology, this breakthrough provides superior target detection and separation, low power consumption and extremely low radiation, ease of operation and a new level of navigational safety.

Main Features

  • 30% longer range with 2x transmit power
  • 50m short range, perfect for navigating into unknown harbours
  • Crystal clear image of your surroundings using AUTO Harbour/Offshore modes - --no manual tuning required
  • Extremely low radiation, can be mounted anywhere
  • InstantOn™ - no warm up time
  • Fast Scan mode up to 36RPM less than 2nm for rapid update of close range targets
  • Low power consumption, ideal for sailboats
  • True Motion mode - easily distinguish moving and static targets
  • 10 target MARPA and AIS vessel tracking for awareness of other vessels
  • Dual Guard Zones, EBL, VRM
  • Compatible with Zeus Z8 and Z12 displays

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