• Simrad Navico HS60 GPS COMPASS  000-12308-001

Simrad Navico HS60 GPS COMPASS  000-12308-001 

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Accurate Heading with Dual GPS Antennas
An accurate heading sensor is essential for autopilot, advanced radar features, and many other on-board electronics. The HS60 GPS compass determines your boat’s heading using two separate GPS antennas, which are packed into one compact casing. This provides greater accuracy than a common magnetic fluxgate compass, without the cost and maintenance requirements of a gyrocompass. Unlike a standard GPS receiver, which can only estimate heading based on the movement of your boat, the HS60’s dual antennas provide an accurate heading even while your boat is stationary.

Fast and Accurate Positioning
The HS60’s high-speed GPS receiver updates your position ten times every second, perfect for fast-moving powerboats, while quick startup means you won’t get caught waiting for a position fix before you can get underway. Support for satellite based augmentation systems (SBAS) offers enhanced positional accuracy where available.

Integrated Gyro & Tilt Sensors
On-board gyro and tilt sensors deliver heave, roll, and pitch information to compatible systems. These sensors also offer faster and smoother heading updates than GPS alone, and provide heading updates during any temporary loss of GPS signal.

Simrad Navico HS60 GPS COMPASS 000-12308-001

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