• Merlin Equipment Smart bank Lite 12v Split charging system

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SmartBank Lite - Split Charging System

Split Charging System with fully adjustable voltages not like cheaper VSR units which can cause charging problems.

SmartBank Lite brings the benefits of a battery combiner at a lower cost than competitive VSR and inferior Battery FET diodes/isolators.

User adjustable Connect/Disconnect voltages and timed Hold Delay prevent relay chatter and allows limited sharing of power between batteries. Dual sensing provides SmartBank Lite with Bi-Directional split charging (it will charge from the engine to auxiliary batteries and vice versa).

A waterproof Emergency Parallel switch is provided to allow jump-starting in the event of engine battery failure. The Emergency Parallel switch also incorporates an LED that informs you of when split charging is engaged/disengaged.

SmartBank Lite split charger kit. "The last split charge system you'll ever fit" 12 or 24v systems. The SmartBank Lite split charge controller is an intelligent relay based battery paralleling system that, once and for all, dispenses with the many problems inherent in all other forms of split charging multiple battery banks from one or more charge sources. Will work on up to 3 banks of batteries with one unit. 12v and 24v relays available. Supplied with one 12v relay for 2 bank 12v operation.

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Merlin Equipment Smart bank Lite 12v Split charging system

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